Sunday, November 11, 2007

GradeGenie Goes Gold!

Hey everyone! My name is Cary Silverman and I created I am pleased to announce that after I have spent a lot of time working on the site, MU Students can now access

Since I am a student at MU, I want this site to become popular on MU's campus first.

Finals are coming up and you know what that means....STUDY STUDY STUDY. I am hoping that GradeGenie will be helpful not only to me, but to everyone else too. Upload those study guides and tell EVERYONE so that we can build a database full of study guides, old papers, old homework assignments, and notes.

ALSO, I made some GradeGenie shirts to pass out to people who want to help get this started at MU.

I will give shirts to the people that come up with the top ten ways to take notes, upload them to GradeGenie, and then tell others about it. Write your best way on the comments section. I will pick the top ten the week after Thanksgiving Break. Make them funny, make the usefull...hopefully you will be in the top ten!

-Cary Silverman

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